Waste Water Management-

Watercraft is working actively in the field of waste water treatment project in Odisha.

  • Mega Drinking Water project-
  • Watercraft is working vigorously in providing drinking water to both rural and urban areas under mega drinking water schemes.

  • Mega Irrigation project-
  • Watercraft is a leading service provider in the field of lift irrigation and waer irrigation.

  • Sewage Treatment project
  • We are working in different cities of Odisha in sewage networking.


  • Road & Buildings

  • High Rise Tanks

  • UGR

  • Intake & Pump House

  • WTP

Industrial Erections

  • Fire fighting system-
  • Watercraft provides the best fire fighting system in the medical and industrial sectors.

  • O & M of WTP ,ETP
  • Zero Liquid discharge system
  • Watercraft uses this new technology to meet the recent government policies for thr industrial sector.

  • Rain water harvesting system-
  • Watercraft has skilled workers who can use rainwater harvest system in different capacities.

  • Industrial water supply-
  • Watercraft deals with the requirements of chemicals for steel, paper,aluminium, energy and cement industries in bulk.

  • Chemical and Equipment supply-
  • Watercraft supplies laboratory products to industrial chemical and educational sectors.