The Watercraft Group is a professional house of experts, in the field of WaterManagement, Construction and Industrial erections , using recent technology and a radical new approach, to creating innovative solution and a sustainable module that creates value for our customers.

Diverse experiences are essential to innovation!


  • To become one of the best customer satisfied water management company.
  • To create values for clients with commitment towards lawful, reliable and honest business practices.
  • To continue as a peoples company.


  • To provide best services of our water projects at a competitive price with best quality within time schedule.
  • We are committed towards continual progress by taking new technological practices for sustainable development.
  • To encourage professional integrity, innovation, upgradation of knowledge and skill of employer and a safe working environment.
  • To be responsible corporate citizen committed to the social cause.
  • Natural resources are becoming scarcier and are deteriorating while demand rises, we are designing and implementing innovative solutions to take on major challenges.


  • Safety
  • Excellence in performance
  • Ability to work as a team
  • Integrity and transparency in practices.
  • Prompt and punctual execution
  • Responsiveness and Resilience


In the modern days,Watercraft is inspired by a single motto , " Client is key ". Total approach towards client orientation has been adopted to develop and improve coordination and result in a better engineered project. At Watercraft, we believe in Long term relationship with clients. As a result our services doesn't end with the completion of our project rather, we keep them advising on how to achieve better results , thus offering real worth of client investment .

Message from Managing Director :

Lucky Swain >> Positive culture is the key to success. We should work hard in a dedicated manner to achieve continuous success. Within a very small duration, we are working with the major business houses in India at various projects in the field of water management. I always emphasize the high trust of our clients as well as the smart working style of our young, energetic members of Watercraft family. I committed myself towards providing the best service to my clients and to give the best in the industry to all the Watercraft family members.
Our Inspiration >> Educationist Ramesh Chandra Swain >> The man who believes in the development of the nation, by developing the work ethics of the peoples. We are truly inspired by this noble thought of the man who dreamt about serving the peoples by educating them.